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Camp By Your Computer!
November 23, 2011, 10:16 pm
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Why go out in the cold, spend money on gas, deal wih crowds and maybe even subject yourself to unbathed, smelly people who have been camping out for a bargain, and after all of that, you may not find even what your looking for, when in the comfort of your own home you can make all of your purchases at with the simple push of a button!
Ihave a secret to share with you:  We have cut out the middleman and that  means the retail store leaving them in the cold. We manufacture and sell directly to you and pass that savings on to you.  We learned that it isn’t good enought to just sell an organic product, but it also has to be affordable and you must love it.
Okay…if you really feel the need to get out of your house, Tom Petty has a new album.  It turns out that the album will only be available for sale on vinyl at independent record shops.  Generally, I don’t support petroleum products, but this one features my wife’s not-so-scret crush.
Hope you survive the tryptophan rush! Have a great holiday weekend!By Bob Stein, co-founder of Organically Grown

Thanks for Giving!

Organically Grown is proud to support the tireless efforts of our friends and neighbors Jasmin Gabay and Bobby Kimball, who created Saving K-9 Lives. Bobby is also the lead singer of the legendary rock band Toto. Saving K-9 Lives is an organization dedicated to promoting awareness of homeless animals in the US. Saving K-9 Lives is an active dog rescue, finding forever homes for precious canine lives!

Last week, Saving K-9 Lives filmed a PSA starring Ed Begley, Jr. and his lovely wife Rachelle Carson-Begley on the grounds of Organically Grown’s headquarters. Also present at the filming was Bill Champlin, former member of the iconic band Chicago. Saving K-9 Lives is also involved in promoting related charities, such as Operation Blankets of Love, Yorkies and Friends and Beagle Buddies.

Elliott Harvey, founder and CEO of Great Life dog food, was also on hand to provide his tasty treats to the canine celebrities. Elliott, who is the acclaimed author of “The Healthy Holistic Dog,” is devoted to providing the highest quality natural and organic pet food available.

And from Organically Grown’s “Bored of Directors” (Hero, Henry, Carlisle, and the big turkey in the middle!), we wish you all a happy and healthy Thanksgiving!

By Bob Stein, co-founder of Organically Grown