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Natural Foods Expo

Julia and I attended the Natural Foods Expo, which is the largest trade show for natural and organic foods in the US.
The Expo has grown dramatically through the years. Major corporations have made their presence felt in the organic segment of the food industry. Some will argue the pros and the cons of this reality.  To me, this just confirms the fact that more people than ever are purchasing organic products  and as a result, we will see a wider variety of organic products become available to the public. I was excited to see a company selling an organic oven cleaner!
What has not changed at the Expo is the free food. You really have to pace yourself.  My weakness and love (isn’t love strange?) is organic chocolate. Two great brands are Theo and Black and White.  The marketing director of Theo even invited me to see the entire chocolate operation next time in Seattle!
More seriously… you have to ask yourself the following question:  How are you going to fuel your body?  If you play the odds…you have a better shot at a healthy, more productive  life and lifestyle if you exercise and eat organic foods…foods grown without toxins…to me it’s common sense.


Can China Turn Cotton Green?

I just read an  fascinating article by Chris Wood that appeared in the February edition of Miller-McCune Magazine ( this is a great magazine).  The article cites one Chinese official as conceding that in 2006, the cumulative cost of environmental damage and pollution-related health care had effectively offset all of China’s widely envied 10 percent annual economic growth. Wow!
The Chinese government has essentially acknowledged they no longer can sustain a path of self destruction. This isn’t China’s problem , it’s all of our problem…and do you really think other countries aren’t having the same problem?…They are…And we all have to deal with it.
According to the Organic Exchange, 456 million pounds of toxic pesticides are used in conventional cotton production per year, the water supply and rivers become contaminated, farm workers become sick…7 out of 10 of the pesticides used are known, likely or probable carcinogens according to the EPA.
This would not be a problem if organic farming methods were mandated. Organically Grown’s cotton is made without harmful pesticides and other toxins.  The connection between what you wear and the effect it has on our planet…is obvious.  This is why we started, Organically Grown.
I strongly urge you to read this article.  Please go to and buy our products and support all organic products.

An eco-freindly outlook by Constance Marie

Constance Marie has had no shortage of parenting practice , having played a mom on TV for the past five years. But the real life role bought on new duties and responsibilities that the hollywood actress was all too eager to tackle. While preparing for motherhood, Constance found that oneCostance Marie US WEEKLEY of the best ways to protect her new daughter was to go green. Cloth diapers and furnishings made from sustainable materials have become household staples for the family. Extra precautions  were taken in the nursery which boasts everything from organic fabrics to non-toxic paint. Determined to be there for her little girl in every way possible, Constance has created the perfect home to keep her safe and sound.        -US WEEKLEY  MAGAZINE

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Angie Everhart loves Organically Grown baby

Angie Everhart’s baby shower was held on July 17th. It was  hosted by the Hot Moms Club and Melissa Joan Hart at her

Sweet Harts Sweet Shop in Sherman Oaks, California.

Angie is holding one of our 100% organic cotton romper sets with an embroidered and appliqued “Save the Trees” design which retails for $26.00.