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Natural Foods Expo

Julia and I attended the Natural Foods Expo, which is the largest trade show for natural and organic foods in the US.
The Expo has grown dramatically through the years. Major corporations have made their presence felt in the organic segment of the food industry. Some will argue the pros and the cons of this reality.  To me, this just confirms the fact that more people than ever are purchasing organic products  and as a result, we will see a wider variety of organic products become available to the public. I was excited to see a company selling an organic oven cleaner!
What has not changed at the Expo is the free food. You really have to pace yourself.  My weakness and love (isn’t love strange?) is organic chocolate. Two great brands are Theo and Black and White.  The marketing director of Theo even invited me to see the entire chocolate operation next time in Seattle!
More seriously… you have to ask yourself the following question:  How are you going to fuel your body?  If you play the odds…you have a better shot at a healthy, more productive  life and lifestyle if you exercise and eat organic foods…foods grown without toxins…to me it’s common sense.