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The Promise of America

America is a young nation. It has been called the Great Experiment. The promise of America is its freedoms, liberty and equality.  This promise demands that we respect, or at the very least tolerate, the views and beliefs of others, even when they are not our own.

Orrin Hatch gave the most beautiful and emotional eulogy  for his dear friend Ted Kennedy: Two great senators who, despite their huge ideological differences, became great friends and worked together for America.  This often meant compromise, meeting somewhere in the center.

Alan Simpson and Erskine Bowles have come together warning our politicians to deal responsibly with the federal deficit or suffer the consequences. They came together as great Americans.  Now Congress must heed their call.

Last night, President Obama  asked  each of us to find  more respectful ways of doing politics. President Obama concluded in his speech in Tuscon, “I believe that for all our imperfections, we are full of decency and goodness, and that the forces that divide us are not as strong as those that unite us.” He was asking us to respect each other’s opinions, listen to each other more carefully, and trust in America to form a more perfect union. That’s the promise of America.