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January 6, 2011 – from the featured blog Whispered Inspirations

Like I’ve mentioned plenty of times, as a mother I only want the best for my children.

Which mother doesn’t?

So, the choices I make aren’t because they are the trendy or the “in” thing to do it’s because I have my kid’s health and overall well-being in mind as top priority.

This means opting to breastfeed, buying organic food, making my own baby food, using green diapers and using organic and natural products to name a few. As we all know, doing all of this doesn’t come cheap nor does it come with any more convenience.

Regardless, it’s a personal parenting choice and I’m more than happy to do them when and if I can. I am also fully aware that you can raise a baby just fine without using any of the aforementioned things but, it’s something I choose to do.

So, when it comes to dressing my 9 month-old Mimi, I do prefer to buy her clothes that are made out of organic cotton. This goes to say that not all her clothes are organic. There are a few reasons to be honest, one is that they aren’t always cost-effective (I do fore go the price most times) and quite frankly, some of them if not most aren’t very aesthetically pleasing.

To be blunt, they’re kinda ugly.

Maybe it’s because I like colors and designs, not just plain designs.

While I do try to scope out for the cutest organic baby clothes, I will occasionally buy non-organic (it pains me sometimes, LOL! But it’s adorb & price is right) and the clothes she is gifted aren’t organic either.

I appreciate and don’t discriminate.


Babies skin is thinner, less oily and more porous than that of an adult. Therefore, it absorbs more. Babies also don’t sweat like adults and are more likely to absorb harmful toxins.

It’s estimated that 456 million pounds of pesticides are applied to conventional cotton each year. Pesticides in essence, are probable carcinogens that have been linked to many cancers. Not only are they harmful to us they are harmful to the environment as well. They can affect us in the workforce (farmers working with toxins daily), destroy our water quality and wreak havoc on our already ravaged farmlands.

Well, when the awesome people of Organically Grown contacted me and asked me to try out one of their organic products, I was more than enthused and excited to try out their products.

Organically Grown produces their merchandise with organic cotton that has been grown without being genetically modified and without the use of pesticides. Not only do they practice green and ethical practices, they educate consumers about living green.

That to me, already had me interested. I decided to check out their line of baby clothes and I was pleased to find gorgeous clothes for my Mimi cakes. There are cute pastels, adorable designs and RUFFLES. I adore ruffles and even more so on baby’s bum.

I was sent the Penguins and Ruffles 3 Piece-set. It came with a pink long-sleeved onesie that ruffles at the neck, a striped matching hat and matching pants that have ruffles on the back. It is super adorb and oh-so-soft!

Overall the fabric is very soft and the attention to detail and quality is visible instantly. The two selling points were most importantly how CUTE the outfit is and their whole line is (check them out here, they have lines for boys, girls, unisex, baby bedding, baby accessories, home decor and clothes for mom and dad too) and the BEST part is their prices.
They are EXTREMELY affordable for anyone. A 3-piece set for $28.00, 3-piece onesies for $20 is unheard of, especially for organic clothing and for cute organic clothes at that. They have rompers with bibs, hats, coveralls, PJ’s, gowns, onesies, dresses and skirt sets to choose from. For boys, PJ’s, short and pants sets, coveralls, onesies, gowns and rompers. A wide variety too.

So, how did it hold up?


I put it through the wash and let Mimi model it for us. She loved it and believe me, she lets us know when she’s not comfy in her clothes by tugging them off and we had no complaints. We’re super happy with her outfit and Organically Grown, even Hubby pointed out how delicate and beautiful the outfit was (he pointed out the cute hanger it came on too) in comparison to the otherwise plain organic clothes we’re used to here in our little city.

If you’re thinking about going “green” even in the smallest way, this is a great way to start. Organically Grown is very reasonably priced in comparison to other companies, if price is an issue (designs sure aren’t an issue with Organically Grown). I tend to bypass cost most times simply because I’ve noticed that organic clothing seems to last longer than conventional cotton. Conventional cotton gets a beating during the production stage because of scouring, bleaching, dying, softeners, formaldehyde spray, flame and soil retardants.

All this before they are even cut for design.

I notice that the organic clothes I do have can be washed and washed without losing quality in comparison to some of her regular clothes. It is a lot more durable and really gets my money’s worth. I had some clothes saved from my eldest and a few articles were organic, this is 6 years ago folks and they are still in remarkably great condition. Only the color has faded a bit but the cotton has not lost its integrity. Perfect for wearing around the house on lazy days!

All in all, I’m very happy with the outfit and I will be buying more outfits from Organically Grown. Simply because I love their designs, cost and ethics. The outfit was super cute and comfy, the only thing I can say that didn’t work for me was the hat. It is super adorb, mind you, but it was a bit big for Mimi’s head. A strap would have worked perfectly and would allow her to keep it on her head without her snatching it or ripping it off.

So, if you’re thinking about taking baby steps towards living a greener life and you have a baby or toddler, check Organically Grown out.

December 13, 2010 – from the featured blog HSUperparents

Organically Grown believes in your right to affordable, safe, stylish, high-quality organic products from apparel for the entire family and home decor, to personal care items.  Their apparel are made from organic cotton, grown without the use of toxic pesticides and synthetic fertilizers.  They are proud to be a part of the solution for a healthier environment by supporting the organic farming community.  

Organically Grown just launched their holiday line – their winter collection.  Their collection is lined up with gown, hat, and blanket sets, and a variety of infant outfit sets, including three-piece organic bodysuit sets at only $20.  One of my favorite from the collection is the Organic Cotton Boys “Polar Bear Stripes” Coverall.  The embroidered polar bear rests on the right side of the tummy, while the Organically Grown logo rests on the upper left.  I love the layered look of this long sleeve coverall with the contrasting fabrics.  What’s nice is that this outfit comes with a decorative padded hanger.  Sizes are available in NB/3mo/6mo/9mo.  With the apparel being organic, I can rest assure that Baby Hsu’s skin is safe from toxins and chemicals.

Baby Hsu will be cozy and dressed for the holiday spirit this season with the Organic Cotton Boys “Polar Bear Stripes” Coverall, which also makes a great Christmas gift (HSUper Parents-Approved)!

May 20, 2010 – from the featured blog For the Love of Naps

Recently I was given the opportunity to try an review an outfit for Henry from the Organically Grown Company. Typically, I will not do reviews without some benefit to you, my readers – but I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to try a cute outfit for my little second child that always gets the “hand me downs”.  And I am always trying to learn more about the “organic” choices we can make.

Why Organic cotton?  Taken from Organically Grown’s About page: “According to the Organic Exchange, as estimated 170 million pounds of pesticides, and 25% of the world’s insecticides are used in the production of conventional, non-organic cotton. 7 out of 10 of these pesticides are on the EPA’s “known” list of “likely” or “probable” carcinogens. These chemicals result in the work-force illnesses, water contamination, and the devastation of farmland. All of the problems are eliminated through organic farming practices. Organically Grown is proud to be a part of the solution.”

The outfit arrived and then we waited….we waited and waited and waited…for the warm summer temps.  Too bad Organically Grown Company couldn’t send some California temps too.  But, they have arrived!  We might even hit 80 these next few days.  Henry put on the outfit, after I washed it, and it fit almost perfect.  They sent me a 3T just in case.  Henry is an average sized 2T child…and the 3T is verging on small.  So just like all the unique special brands of clothes out there – they typically run small.

The design says Nature Boy and it is so subtle and cute.  I love that it isn’t a bright in your face design.  Classy.  The fabric is soft and thick.  It was quality material…not thin and cheap.  It was comfy with an elastic waist that was snug enough to stay up…without buttons or snaps to mess with.  He had no complaints all day!  The pants included little pockets for the many treasures that little fingers uncover during the day.

Organically Grown also sells packs of onesies or bodysuits for $20.  The item though that intrigues me…because I will be honest that the price of $28 for Henry’s outfit is pretty steep for me…especially during garage sale season, and to me garage sales is one way I promote green living.  The thing I am most tempted to order from them are these vintage t-shirts for women. $14 you can’t go wrong!  They look super soft and very affordable!  I might have to order me one or two of those.

We will enjoy this outfit all summer!

May 4, 2010 – from the featured blog The Eco Friendly Family

I have three young children. There are few things I love more than getting them all cleaned up and into an adorable outfit. I was recently given the chance to do just that, byOrganically Grown.  Organically Grown is a lifestyle brand that brings safe, affordable organic worker friendly products to the global marketplace.  They believe in our right to affordable, safe, stylish, high-quality organic products from apparel and home décor, to personal care items.

I was sent an adorable outfit to try out on my two year old daughter.  I looked forward to it.  I think that quality clothing is important.  I have a baby girl too and hand-me-downs are a given.  When I’m done with them, I hope that they’re in good enough shape to pass on to someone else.

I loved the outfit that I was sent so much that when I was out shopping, I purchased an outfit from Organically Grown for my baby girl too.  Prepare for some shameless showing off of my little girls 🙂

While browsing the Organically Grown website, I found all sorts of very cool things.  They have adorable outfits for babies and toddlers, shirts for men and women (hopefully more to come!) and some beautiful bedding for babies.

Check out this adorable safari crib set!  I have three babies, and so I know how exciting it is to find a crib set, but the prices can be insane!  This crib set includes the comforter, 4 piece crib bumper, fitted crib sheet and dust ruffle.  It is completely organic and only costs $256!  I have seen some unfortunate crib sets that include much less and cost a whole lot more.

I encourage you to have a look around the site.  You may be pleasantly surprised by the selection and just how pretty organic can be. Organically Grown has more than your run of the mill neutral colors.

April 29, 2010 – from the featured blog Work Wife Mom Life

I’m a semi-crunchy* person. I cloth diaper. I buy organic milk for my kids. I try to use kid-friendly or homemade cleaning products.

*used to describe a person who has altered their lifestyle for environmental reasons. (

But I’m not an uber-crunchy person. And one of the things that I never really looked into was organic fabrics and clothes. I thought, Gosh, they’re only clothes… what’s so special about organic?
Apparently, after a little research, I came to find that organic cotton is without pesticides, insecticides and other chemicals. Traditional cotton sucks up and absorbs chemicals that farmers use. So, when I was contacted by
Organically Grown to review one of their items, I was very interested. I had never bought or tried organic cotton clothing. I was sent a little summer outfit for my son. The material isvery soft. It’s very good quality and it’s cute!  I washed the item and it washed and dried great. Even after getting spaghetti sauce on the shorts. {No stains!} I was really pleased with the outfit and the company. Check out some of their best sellers! (I kinda wish my kids were babies again so I could get some cute onesies!) {In fact, I dressed my son in this outfit today and my husband said, “I love how this outfit fits him!”}

April 23, 2010 – from the featured blog Kiddies Corner Deals

I’m a day late on an Earth Day review but late is better than never. I’m trying to go more green and have recently changed my cleaning products over to green products, my light bulbs are all changed over to CFL’s and I choose mostly organic fruits and vegetables. With the celebration of Earth Day I bring to you Organically Grown. Here is a little bit about Organically Grown:

“Driven by our positive spirit, and heartfelt commitment to a healthy planet, we founded the Organically Grown Group. We were raised to believe that we could make a difference, and affect real change in the world. As a young and innovative company, we believe in your right to affordable, safe, stylish, high-quality organic products from apparel and home décor, to personal care items.

Organically Grown has begun to play an active role in the organic revolution. Our apparel is made from organic cotton, which is grown by safe, pesticide-free methods from plants that are not genetically modified. We support the organic farming community and organizations worldwide that are committed to a green, sustainable environment. There is a direct connection between what we wear and the effect it has on the earth.”

I will honestly tell you I haven’t tried any clothing that is organic but now I have and I’m totally hooked. Organically Grown sent Zoe an outfit which fits perfect for Earth Day. The Organic Cotton Girls “Think Green Tree” Toddler 2 Piece Set is so cute and girly. It’s 100% certified organic cotton making it super soft and 100% pure. You can tell just from the feel of it it’s high quality. The design of the t-shirt has a tree and bird applique, and shorts with bow ties at the hem. Super fun and safe for my child. Did you know that according to the Organic Exchange, as estimated 170 million pounds of pesticides, and 25% of the world’s insecticides are used in the production of conventional, non-organic cotton. 7 out of 10 of these pesticides are on the EPA’s “known” list of “likely” or “probable” carcinogens. And we want our children wearing clothing with these know carcinogens? I think not. These chemicals result in the work-force illnesses, water contamination, and the devastation of farmland. All of the problems are eliminated through organic farming practices. Organically Grown is proud to be a part of the solution. And I am proud to say I’m a new fan of Organically Grown and will be purchasing so much more in the future.

Organically Grown has natural clothing for infants, kids, adult men and women and even home decor for babies nursery.

This mama is loving the “Little Nature Lover” Organic 3pc Take Me Home Set. It’s so pink and pretty and perfect for your little angel to come home in. Don’t worry moms of boys there is a boys outfit as well:) I love that the products don’t cost anymore than you would normally buy for good quality clothing. That’s a huge plus. Even the stars love Organically Grown.

April 22, 2010 – from the featured blog Rockin Mama

When I think about going green, I don’t immediately think about the clothing my family wears.  But cotton, the textile that a majority of our clothing is derived from, is considered one of the dirtiest crops due to it’s heavy use of insecticides, the most hazardous pesticide to human health (Organic Trade Association).  Did you know that cotton uses approximately 25% of the world’s insecticides and more than 10% of the pesticides (including herbicides, insecticides, and defoliants) (Organic Trade Association)?  Or that a slew of hazardous materials (ammonia, formaldehyde, flame and soil retardants) are used to convert cotton into clothing (Organic Trade Association)?  More and more I’m opting for eco-friendly fibers and fabrics, particularly when it comes to what I put on my children.  Opting for sustainable textiles has a positive environmental effect.

Organically Grown offers “affordable, safe, stylish, high-quality organic products from apparel and home décor, to personal care items.”  But their eco-commitment extends beyond providing families with organic clothing.  The company supports the organic farming community and organizations worldwide that are committed to a green, sustainable environment.  Knowing how potentially toxic conventional cotton is, I strive to purchase sustainable fabrics when possible, particularly for my children. Organically Grown’s infant and children’s lines are trendy and moderately priced.  One of the characteristics of organic cotton that stands out to me is the way it feels.  It’s typically softer, even after multiple washes.  Their clothes are lightweight but still manage to keep my little girl warm.  And…their clothing is recyclable, renewable, and biodegradable!  Here is my little girl in one of their adorable footed onesies.

Organically Grown also offers children’s bedding, decor, and women’s t-shirts. They’ve recently added toddler clothing to their collection and it appears that they will extend their line to include men’s clothing options.  Right now you’ll receive free shipping with purchases over $100.

I did not receive compensation for this post.  A product sample was provided to facilitate this review.

April 23, 2010 – from the featured blog Simple Mom Reviews

Earth Day is just a few days away (this Thursday!) and there’s no time like the present to dress your little ones is the latest eco-chic fashions.

Organically Grown is a new up and coming company that believes that living eco-adorable can be easy, safe and doesn’t have to break the bank (most clothing items priced between $12-$38).

I’ve been loving a sweet little romper affectionately named “Little Nature Lover”($22) for my 5 month old guy.  This outfit is super soft and so adorable with the soft green and blue colors, and the little eco message of “Little Nature Lover” embroidered on the chest. Perfect for playtime this summer!

No doubt Organically Grown has super cute kids gear, but why buy organic you ask?

When you dress your family in organic gear, you are not only helping the Earth, but protecting the your delicate skin from harsh chemicals and pesticides found in typical cotton apparel.  When you purchase a product from Organically Grown, you can be assured that you have not compromised the clothing budget with your conscience.

We also love the selection of little girl clothes.  Isn’t this floral romper and “free range chick” body suite the best?

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