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Superheroes for Organically Grown


This ad appeared in the November 1977 edition of Seventeen magazine featuring Lynda Carter as the spokesperson for Organically Grown. At the time, Lynda was the star of the hit TV show Wonder Woman. In the seventies, women fought for equal rights, such as the basic freedom to earn the same salary as a man for doing the same job. Even though Wonder Woman had been a popular comic book character for many years prior, it was Lynda’s role as Wonder Woman in the seventies that made the world believe that a woman could be a superhero. Ms. Carter was the perfect choice to represent Organically Grown… strong, independent, confident and beautiful…standing tall in the American way.

Today Organically Grown is in the middle of a different struggle. Day by day, more and more people learn of the toxins in their foods, but now it is our job to inform them of the hundreds of millions of pounds of toxins used to conventionally grow the cotton they wear, and the disastarous effect its production has on our planet. Organic cotton removes these toxins, and the clothes we sell at are made from 100% organic cotton. 

So be a superhero like Wonder Woman, and help us spread the word about the power of organic cotton and all the amazing things we are doing at Organically Grown. And to all the women of the world…don’t give up the fight!

By Bob Stein, co-founder of Organically Grown


Organically Grown “Gets Naked or Goes Organic” at Sunset Sessions!

The 15th annual Sunset Sessions is now a beautiful memory. Held this year at San Diego’s luxurious Rancho Bernardo Inn, Michele Clark’s Sunset Sessions is a music industry event that gives recording artists a chance to be heard by music supervisors and radio programmers. I would like to thank all of the great recording artists who stopped by the Organically Grown booth. We asked all of the musicians to “Get Naked or Go Organic,” choosing to take off their non-organic tees and replace it with one of Organically Grown’s organic t-shirts. Cotton covers 2.5% of the world’s farmable land, and is the world’s second most heavily sprayed crop; conventional cotton requires 1/3 pound of toxic chemicals to make just one t-shirt, adding up to hundreds of millions of pounds each year. I was surprised that the concept of organic cotton and organic clothing was new to so many artists, but then again, that’s why we were there…to let the creative community know about the destruction caused by conventional cotton production, because they are the ones with the voice who will get the message out!


The "Creating Change" panelists

I don’t know how Michele Clark manages to do all the amazing things she does, in putting together this event each year. We met with so many amazing new and emerging artists, and it was especially satisfying to meet and interview reggae legend Jimmy Cliff. It was also great to be on the “Creating Change” panel with Conor Gaffney from Café Gratitude & co-producer of May I Be Frank, Stephen Powers from Agape International, Bushwalla, Erica Krusen from MusiCares and Jim Lindberg, the former lead singer from the band Pennywise. Also on the panel was my dear friend Kevin Lyman, who made the 60-plus tour buses on the Vans Warped Tour change to biodiesel fuel when, at the time, it was not the most economical thing to do.


Jason Mraz perfroming "I'm Yours"

Jason Mraz lit up the stage with an intimate concert catered by Chipotle, who use fresh avocados grown on Jason’s orchard to make their guacamole, and use about 25% organic beans in their food. Jason got his big break at Sunset Sessions with “I’m Yours,” which would eventually be nominated for a Grammy Award, and would spend 76 weeks on Billboard’s Hot 100, breaking the record for the most weeks spent on the chart. As a major star, it was great to have Jason back as an alumni. From everything I know about him, from spiritually supporting the musical efforts of his friends like the Makepeace Brothers and Bushwalla, as well as Michele’s efforts, more important than being a star, he is a gentleman.


Lucinda Williams performing

Thanks again to Michele for allowing Organically Grown to be a sponsor of this amazing event, and to all the artists who performed, and whom we interviewed. Not only did we get to interview many amazing artists, it turns out we have made friends. We will be posting the videos of these interviews in the next few weeks.

By Bob Stein, co-founder of Organically Grown

Get Naked or Go Organic at Sunset Sessions!


Organically Grown is proud to be a sponsor of this year’s Sunset Sessions, to be held Feb. 16-18 in San Diego. Recording artists, radio program directors (the people who decide what songs are played on the radio), record company executives, and music supervisors (the people who help decide what songs will be placed in films, television, commercials and video games) will convene to listen to performances by both well known and up and coming recording artists. The roster includes Jason Mraz, Lucinda Williams, Everlast, Eve 6, Jimmy Cliff, Wayne Coyne and many new artists.  There are 54 artists playing during three days and nights of music!

At Organically Grown, our greatest challenge is to get the message out as to the devastation caused by conventional cotton production. At Sunset Sessions, we will be asking artists to Get Naked or Go Organic. If they are wearing anything that is not organic, they either have to get naked or put on an organic cotton t-shirt by Organically Grown. It should be a lot of fun, while also getting out our message.

In addition, for the first time at Sunset Sessions, there will be a panel called Creating Change: Socially Spiritually and Environmentally, that I am proud to be a part of. Moderated by Sunset Sessions Manager Chris Wrightsman, the panelists include Conor Gaffney from Café Gratitude & May I Be Frank, Stephen Powers from Agave International, Bushwalla, Kevin Lyman, founder of the Vans Warped Tour (and one of the greatest guys in the world), Erica Krusen from MusiCares and Jim Lindberg, the former lead singer from the band Pennywise.

We will keep you posted, and be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for up-to-the-minute insanity, great photos, and videos during Sunset Sessions.

By Bob Stein, co-founder of Organically Grown

Looking Forward
January 2, 2012, 8:09 pm
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New Years is a time when we look ahead. The United States must do the same. We must ask ourselves as a country: Do we move forward and choose energy alternatives such as solar and wind or do we stay with oil and subject ourselves to all of oil’s consequences? It is appropriate that energy is called “power” because those we control it definitely have the “power.”

This year, why not take greater control of your life and have the quality of life you desire? Be proactive by exercising, eating organically  and do the right thing by wearing organic. Changing the world starts with changing yourself.

Happy and a Healthy New Year!

By Bob Stein, co-founder of Organically Grown

Camp By Your Computer!
November 23, 2011, 10:16 pm
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Why go out in the cold, spend money on gas, deal wih crowds and maybe even subject yourself to unbathed, smelly people who have been camping out for a bargain, and after all of that, you may not find even what your looking for, when in the comfort of your own home you can make all of your purchases at with the simple push of a button!
Ihave a secret to share with you:  We have cut out the middleman and that  means the retail store leaving them in the cold. We manufacture and sell directly to you and pass that savings on to you.  We learned that it isn’t good enought to just sell an organic product, but it also has to be affordable and you must love it.
Okay…if you really feel the need to get out of your house, Tom Petty has a new album.  It turns out that the album will only be available for sale on vinyl at independent record shops.  Generally, I don’t support petroleum products, but this one features my wife’s not-so-scret crush.
Hope you survive the tryptophan rush! Have a great holiday weekend!By Bob Stein, co-founder of Organically Grown

Thanks for Giving!

Organically Grown is proud to support the tireless efforts of our friends and neighbors Jasmin Gabay and Bobby Kimball, who created Saving K-9 Lives. Bobby is also the lead singer of the legendary rock band Toto. Saving K-9 Lives is an organization dedicated to promoting awareness of homeless animals in the US. Saving K-9 Lives is an active dog rescue, finding forever homes for precious canine lives!

Last week, Saving K-9 Lives filmed a PSA starring Ed Begley, Jr. and his lovely wife Rachelle Carson-Begley on the grounds of Organically Grown’s headquarters. Also present at the filming was Bill Champlin, former member of the iconic band Chicago. Saving K-9 Lives is also involved in promoting related charities, such as Operation Blankets of Love, Yorkies and Friends and Beagle Buddies.

Elliott Harvey, founder and CEO of Great Life dog food, was also on hand to provide his tasty treats to the canine celebrities. Elliott, who is the acclaimed author of “The Healthy Holistic Dog,” is devoted to providing the highest quality natural and organic pet food available.

And from Organically Grown’s “Bored of Directors” (Hero, Henry, Carlisle, and the big turkey in the middle!), we wish you all a happy and healthy Thanksgiving!

By Bob Stein, co-founder of Organically Grown

Going Postal!

I’d like to give a shout out to the US Postal Service. Recently they’ve been taking a lot of heat for losing money. All I know is that the postal workers in our community are helpful, dedicated and do a great job.

I consider the USPS to be a sister company to Organically Grown that efficiently and reliably delivers our packages to our customers on time as promised.  

By Bob Stein, co-founder of Organically Grown

Organically Grown Thanks Ed Begley Jr. and Rachelle Carson-Begley

We were honored to have Ed Begley, Jr. and his beautiful wife Rachelle Carson-Begley at our home last week, where they filmed a public service announcement promoting the organization Saving K-9 Lives…I will be blogging about the event and the charities in full later this week.

Rachelle and Ed have been on the forefront of the environmental movement before it was considered to be “cool.” They are the real deal. They have incorporated green living into their daily lives by using hybrid cars, solar and wind power in their home, among countless other green products. Ed has also been honored many times for his environmental work, including receiving the Thomas Alva Edison Award for Energy Independence, and has written two books about living an eco-friendly life.

I would like to thank Rachelle and Ed again for donating their time to a great cause, and I am happy to share this photo of them sporting some of our 100% organic cotton apparel. Ed is wearing our “Act Now” t-shirt, and Rachelle is wearing our white Racerback Tank and Zip-Up Jacket, as well as our Pink Leaf hat. All of these items are available on our website,

We couldn’t have asked for two more beautiful supermodels!

By Bob Stein, co-founder of Organically Grown

Letting Off Some “Steam”

Recently, non-radioactive ammonia leaked from the San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station.  This is the latest in a series of nuclear power plant negative headlines in the past few months, from Japan to the US.

The population within 10 miles of San Onofre was 92,687, according the 2010 U.S. Census. The population within 50 miles was 8,460,508. Cities within 50 miles include San Diego (45 miles to city center). A few miles more up the 405 (San Diego Freeway) is Los Angeles County, the most populous county in the United States.

If there was ever a nuclear meltdown at San Onofre, all of us in Southern California would be singing “Nowhere To Run, Nowhere To Hide” (the Martha and the Vandellas hit song).

Why do we have it there anyway? Or, for that matter…why do we have these anywhere?

By Bob Stein, co-founder of Organically Grown

Wake up and Smell the Cappuccino!!!
October 24, 2011, 6:02 pm
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There was a disturbing article in The Washington Post last week, stating that by the year 2050, if changes are not made immediately, we will lose a large portion of the world’s coffee supply. This is attributed to global warming, which has caused hurricanes and more resistant bugs, reducing crop yields.

As Starbucks prepares for the possibility of a serious threat to their coffee supply in Central America, Jim Hanna, the company’s sustainability director, briefed members of Congress on climate change and its effect on coffee, along with the Union of Concerned Scientists. Hanna told The Guardian, “If we sit by and wait until the impacts of climate change are so severe that is impacting our supply chain then that puts us at a greater risk…From a business perspective we really need to address this now, and to look five, 10, and 20 years down the road.”

It’s one thing to have a hole in the ozone layer, droughts, hurricanes, and floods, but you know it’s really serious when climate change threatens our morning cup of joe. It’s tough enough getting up in the morning.

By Bob Stein, co-founder of Organically Grown