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Company History

We can do it together.

Driven by our positive spirit, and heartfelt commitment to a healthy planet, we founded the Organically Grown Group. We were raised to believe that we could make a difference, and affect real change in the world. As a young and innovative company, we believe in your right to affordable, safe, stylish, high-quality organic products from apparel and home décor, to personal care items.

Organically Grown has begun to play an active role in the organic revolution. Our apparel is made from organic cotton, which is grown by safe, pesticide-free methods from plants that are not genetically modified. We support the organic farming community and organizations worldwide that are committed to a green, sustainable environment.

There is a direct connection between what we wear and the effect it has on the earth. According to the Organic Exchange, an estimated 170 million pounds of pesticides, and 25% of the world’s insecticides are used in the production of conventional, non-organic cotton. 7 out of 10 of these pesticides are on the EPA’s “known” list of “likely” or “probable” carcinogens. These chemicals result in work-force illnesses, water contamination, and the devastation of farmland. All of the problems are eliminated though organic farming practices. Organically Grown is proud to be a part of the solution.

Organically Grown acts as an educational collective. We sponsor fund-raising events and through the media, we teach consumers about the benefits of living an organic lifestyle.

We are about balance and taking baby steps. We do the best we can today, knowing we will grow with innovation tomorrow. Together, we can make a difference by creating products we are proud of and you are proud to purchase. We hope this will be our green legacy.

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