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Last week, Los Angeles became the largest US city to ban single-use plastic bags, after the Los Angeles City Council overwhelmingly endorsed a ban on the distribution of single-use plastic shopping bags in grocery stores, convenience stores and pharmacies within city limits. 

Regarding the passing of the bill, Councilman Paul Koretz said, “I’m deliriously excited about the passage of this measure. Ever since I first heard about the floating plastic island in the Pacific, while I was still in the state legislature, I have been trying to move the ball forward on banning plastic bags in this state.”
Great job, Paul! Paul Koretz is my council member and a passionate, great guy.
Councilmember Eric Garcetti, added: “Plastic bags clog our landfills, clog drainage systems, and litter neighborhoods. This ban will help us keep our communities healthy and clean.”
At Organically Grown®, we have been struggling with the philosophy of our packaging. The idea that our clothes are packaged in a plastic poly bag personally disturbs me. However, others believe that our customers expect it as part of a finished product.
What do you think?

By Bob Stein, founder of Organically Grown

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I am thrilled LA has decided to ban the single-use plastic bags. As a consumer, if I were to order clothes and they arrived with no plastic packaging but included a printed note which explained the company policy is to be greener and more environmentally friendly by NOT using the plastic, I’d have respect for the company. I’d hope the item was wrapped in a layer of tissue paper or recycled paper to minimize rubbing against the packaging it was sent in. But a small explanation card would actually raise my understanding and support.

Comment by Robin

Thank you for your reply Robin! It is very much appreciated.
-Emily, Director of New Media at Organically Grown

Comment by organicallygrowngroup

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