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You’ve Been Slimed!


Today, Beef Products Inc., the company that manufactures beef product known as “Pink Slime,” announced that they would close three of their four manufacturing plants that make what they refer to as “Lean Beef Trimmings.” According to the petition that brought attention to the Pink Slime controversy, “’Pink slime’ is the term used for a mixture of beef scraps and connective tissue (formerly used only for pet food and rendering) that is treated with ammonia hydroxide to remove pathogens like salmonella and E coli.” After treating the mixture, it is blended into ground beef and hamburger patties.

Disgust over the Pink Slime publicized by and celebrity chef Jamie Oliver quickly led to thousands of people signing the petition, and sharing their outrage across various social media channels. In turn, fast food chains such as McDonald’s and Burger King as well as supermarkets like Kroger, Safeway, and Walmart have announced that they will no longer carry ground beef containing “Lean Beef Trimmings” from BPI.

You know, I wish they would sell the Pink Slime separately.  I’ve been really curious if you can blow bubbles with it like bubble gum…just like my brothers and I used to do with the mozzarella on our eggplant parmesan until my mother would yell at us for being morons.

But thanks to the USDA for keeping pink slime alive. According to the Huffington Post’s article today, they plan to order about seven million pounds of Lean Beef Trimmings for the national school lunch program. So eat up all you lucky kids in America…You’ve been slimed!

By Bob Stein, co-founder of Organically Grown

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I wanted to express how fascinating I found your blog post (on March 26) titled “You’ve been slimed!” to be. (I also wanted to guiltlessly emphasize how humorous I thought it was that you used to blow bubbles with mozzarella cheese– this is something I’d now like to try.)
Largely the fuss over the “pink slime” or lean, finely trimmed beef (namely from Beef Products Inc., which is the world’s largest producer of processed beef and supplies 20 billion meals per year) is the addition of ammonium hydroxide, which is a processing aid used to eradicate harmful bacteria like E. coli and salmonella from meat products. What you, and many Americans might not know is, there are hundreds of products (pharmaceutical drugs and fertilizers) and foods (cheese, bacon, mayonnaise, onions, peanut butter and even potato chips) with ammonia in them. Where’s the fuss for those foods?

I wanted to share with you a video about the “pink slime” controversy that I think you will find interesting and supplemental to your coverage. I hope you enjoy it, as I included the link below.

“Pink Slime Controversy Continues”

The clip does a great job of concisely sourcing and compiling news reports to emphasize the scope and context the content being reported on. Newsy synthesizes and analyzes news into neutral comprehensive video clips showing a variety of opinions on the story.

I hope you will embed this video into your blog and maybe in the future, we could swap blogroll links and widgets. We have covered the “pink slime” epidemic in the past, as well as a number of food stories you might find of interest. I included the links below!

Thank you so much for your time and consideration. I look forward to working with you in the future,

Lyndsey Garza
Community for Newsy
Twitter: @newsyvideos

Comment by Lyndsey Garza

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