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The Real Winners of the X Games

Another winter X Games has come and gone. Many of the X Games athletes champion charitable causes, but two young women deserve special recognition.

Four time X Games gold medalist Gretchen Bleiler challenged her fellow athletes to  participate in her 21 Day Reusable Challenge. For 21 days, several of the X Games’ top winter athletes, including  Ellery Hollingsworth, Sammy Carlson, Grete Elliason, and Jack Mitrani, pledged to stop using plastic water bottles, plastic grocery bags, and Styrofoam containers. Gretchen’s mission was to put a spotlight on the wastefulness of plastic that ends up in landfills.

And who can forget Olympic gold medalist and free spirit Hannah Teter appealing to all X Games fans to buy organic? Through her Hannah’s Gold and Sweet Cheeks lines, as well as her PETA video, Hannah has demonstrated a deep concern for her planet.

I believe that, because their outdoor sports involve a close connection to the earth, skiers, snowboarders and surfers in particular possess a unique reverence for the environment and its protection. Congratulations, Gretchen and Hannah…and keep up the good work!

By Bob Stein, Co-Founder of Organically Grown

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besides promoting reusage –we also need to figure out how to influence those who use plastic bottles/containers to package their product to convert to using biodegradable plastic made from sustainable sources. Corn is a large agricultural product in USA –with todays technology it is bieng converted to biodegradable plastic.

Comment by vijaya dewan

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