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Sunset Sessions Goes Organic

I just returned from Sunset Sessions, which was held at the La Costa Resort in Carlsbad, California.  This year was the fourteenth anniversary of Sunset Sessions, which was created by one of my dearest friends, Michele Clark.  Michele was in the music business before she even knew it, putting band flyers on the windshields of cars in nightclub parking lots. Michele became an iconic independent promoter in the recording industry, helping to be responsible for breaking hundreds of acts, including Maroon 5, Norah Jones, Coldplay, and John Mayer on the radio and Colbie Caillat, Zac Brown, and Jason Mraz at Sunset Sessions.  Sunset Sessions was Michele’s idea to bring together record companies, radio programmers, and film and television music supervisors to listen to emerging recording artists.  Over four days, I was fortunate enough to listen to 45 amazing artists and bands that will be the superstars of tomorrow, along with established artists such as Stevie Nicks, KD Lang, John Waite and Vanessa Carlton.

I would like to thank Michele for “going organic” and allowing the Sunset Sessions t-shirts to be made by Organically Grown and for allowing me to speak to the music community about the benefits of organic cotton and our company, Organically Grown.

The Two Voices of Barbra Streisand

Last weekend, I died and went to heaven. Julia and I attended a MusiCares event honoring Barbra Streisand as their Person of the Year. MusiCares is a foundation providing medical and financial assistance for musicians during their time of need. In addition to performances by Barbra, the artists paying tribute included Stevie Wonder, Barry Manilow, Tony Bennett, Seal, and Faith Hill, as well as Broadway veterans Lea Michele, Kristen Chenoweth, and Matthew Morrison, and their Glee castmate Darren Criss.

I instantly fell in love with Barbra when my parents took me to see her in Funny Girl on Broadway when I was eight years old. I thought I would marry her one day. From her humble Brooklyn beginnings, Streisand has gone on to become one of the few entertainers to win an Oscar, a Tony, a Grammy, and an Emmy, as well as a Director’s Guild Award.

Just as impressively, Streisand has had a second voice that has raised over $25 million through the Streisand Foundation and her live performances, donating to organizations supporting environmental preservation, voter education, women’s issues, and the protection of civil liberties. Barbra is also a committed environmentalist. One day, we were hiking in the Santa Monica Mountains and we were told that Barbra had donated the 22.5-acre Ramirez Canyon estate in 1993.

Bob with the "Warblers" from Glee

Whether you agree with her politics or not, she is a committed citizen who could have easily sat on the Malibu beach and done nothing. Instead, she has made a difference for so many people through her voice and her philanthropic efforts. At Organically Grown, we salute Barbra for not only her creative achievements, but for giving so much back.

By Bob Stein, co-founder of Organically Grown

The Real Winners of the X Games

Another winter X Games has come and gone. Many of the X Games athletes champion charitable causes, but two young women deserve special recognition.

Four time X Games gold medalist Gretchen Bleiler challenged her fellow athletes to  participate in her 21 Day Reusable Challenge. For 21 days, several of the X Games’ top winter athletes, including  Ellery Hollingsworth, Sammy Carlson, Grete Elliason, and Jack Mitrani, pledged to stop using plastic water bottles, plastic grocery bags, and Styrofoam containers. Gretchen’s mission was to put a spotlight on the wastefulness of plastic that ends up in landfills.

And who can forget Olympic gold medalist and free spirit Hannah Teter appealing to all X Games fans to buy organic? Through her Hannah’s Gold and Sweet Cheeks lines, as well as her PETA video, Hannah has demonstrated a deep concern for her planet.

I believe that, because their outdoor sports involve a close connection to the earth, skiers, snowboarders and surfers in particular possess a unique reverence for the environment and its protection. Congratulations, Gretchen and Hannah…and keep up the good work!

By Bob Stein, Co-Founder of Organically Grown

Honoring World Cancer Day & Stand Up to Cancer
February 3, 2011, 9:36 pm
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This Friday marks World Cancer Day. So many wonderful doctors and researchers work tirelessly to find a cure for a disease that has taken the lives of so many people and, according to the World Health Organization, is the leading cause of death around the world.

Until we find a cure, let’s talk about what each one of us can do to try to avoid the “Dreaded C.” We all know not to smoke, eat a healthy diet, and exercise. But, let’s dig a little deeper. The Environmental Protection Agency warns us that many of the pesticides and other chemicals we use on our agriculture are known, likely, or probable human carcinogens. Eating organic and buying clothing made from organic cotton reduces the amount of these toxins.

We all know someone whose life has been changed by this disease. We salute our friends at Stand Up to Cancer for their efforts to bring together the world’s foremost cancer researchers, encouraging collaboration over competition.

Visit the Stand Up to Cancer website to learn how you can donate your Facebook status to raise awareness for World Cancer Day.

By Bob Stein, Co-Founder of Organically Grown

As Egypt Changes, So Should Our Energy Portfolio

Former chairman of Exxon Mobil, Lee Raymond, said that US energy independence is not the mission, because all countries are inter-dependent, meaning that if one regional economy suffers an energy shortage, it affects the entire world.

What is our energy policy? Opposing energy industries, such as oil, coal, solar, wind, hydrogen, corn, and nuclear are battling it out with lobbyists and television commercials, trying to win the hearts and minds of the people. Logically, we should be moving towards the use of non-polluting alternative fuels that have a lesser impact on the earth.

This week’s events in Tunisia and Egypt exemplify why our energy needs should not continue to be at the mercy of a precarious Middle East.