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Brandweek’s Moral Cotton
September 7, 2010, 7:22 pm
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There is a great cover article in a recent issue of Brandweek titled “Moral Fabric.” There are several interesting facts about organic cotton in this article, specifically about the relatively new and growing popularity of companies producing organic cotton. For example, the article compares the organic cotton movement to being similar in size and scope to that of the organic foods movement around ten years ago. To put it in perspective, the organic foods industry was a $6 billion business in 1990, and a $24 billion business last year. Comparatively, the organic cotton business is currently a $4.3 billion industry, and is projected to grow to $6 billion by next year. The author of the article, Robert Klara, writes, “Seeing as organically grown cotton was worn the by likes of Jesus, Caesar and King Tut, why are so many major brands waking up to it only now? Again, there’s a parallel to organic food. After years of consuming chemicals, more and more Americans are ready to return to natural things.” Thanks to articles like this one, hopefully the importance of organic cotton products will continue to grow in the consciousness of consumers. Organic cotton is the fabric of the future.

Be sure to check out the full article here!


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Love it! I love organic cotton. This article is so informative. Thank you.

Comment by Bao

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