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New Reasons to Love Organic Cotton

As if we didn’t have enough reasons to love the softness of eco friendly organic cotton, Suite 101’s Kara Smith has come up with NEW reasons to love organic cotton. Smith encourages readers to continue to support the efforts of organic cotton farmers by regularly purchasing organic products. The article is spurred on by the fact that the organic cotton market dipped between 2007 and 2009, but has increased in 2010. It is essential for the organic cotton farmers that this upward trend in buying continue to increase.

Smith also notes that there are statistics which show that having a baby or a young child increased the awareness of buying organic. Parents who might not buy organic for themselves want the best, healthiest options for their children, and do not want them dressed in clothes that may have been sprayed with harsh chemicals and pesticides. Smith writes, “It might be safe to say that if the Earth were a baby, most of the crops it’d be wrapped in would be organic.”

Thankfully, by Summer 2010, organic cotton in California has reached a market price which makes it profitable for farmers to grow or switch to organic cotton. As long as customers continue to purchase organic cotton products, the demand will make sure that the farmers are able to economically produce organic cotton.

In conclusion, Smith reminds readers of several facts about organic cotton:

-Organic fruit and vegetables are higher in antioxidants – somewhere between 19 and 58% higher.

-Cotton farming uses approximately 3 billion dollars of pesticide which is poured onto the planet each year.

-Organic cotton is farmed without pesticides and are therefore free from residues which can actually stay in the cotton even after washing.

-Groundwater contaminated with pesticide residues does seep into drinking water and is not ‘washed out’ in treatment plants as there is no found treatment, yet, that can eliminate these residues.


DC Metro Moms Brand-Blogger Symposium

Organically Grown was recently asked to be a sponsor of the Silicon Valley Moms Group’s fifth annual DC Metro Moms Brand/Blogger Symposium, held at the Ritz Carlton in Washington D.C. this past June. This summer, the Silicon Valley Moms Group organized several of these events in major cities, hosting fifty influential parent bloggers from each metro area.

Our Organic Cotton Utility Bag was used as the gift bag given to all of the mom bloggers in attendance. On Twitter, moms were raving about our bags, with @thenagainphoto calling the tote “my favorite bag at the moment and as a self-professed bag-a-holic that’s saying a lot!” and @thienkim telling us, “it’s so soft. My daughter has already claimed it as her own!”

Organically Grown was proud to be one of the 20 sponsoring companies at this event for the 50 top mom bloggers in the D.C. area. The day included a brunch at the Ritz-Carlton ballroom, followed by a panel discussion about how brands and bloggers can work together. Unfortunately, the Silicon Valley Moms Group had to close this summer, but you can still read several of the moms’ accounts of the event at their former website.

Thank you to the Silicon Valley Moms Group, Leticia from Tech Savvy Mama, and Mary from Life Love Images for the photos.