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25th Annual California Coastal Cleanup Day- September 12th
July 29, 2009, 2:17 pm
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Want to be a part of the largest volunteer day on the Planet ?

September 12th is the 25th Annual California Coastal Cleanup Day. Heal the Bay is cleaning up 80 sites, from the sand to the strand.  At a recent Captains training meeting, Julia & I learned that “the ocean starts at your front yard”…whether you live on the strand downtown or on the sand in Santa Monica…it’s all connected…a living eco-system. Everything that is thrown on the street…has the potential to be washed into a storm drain and end up in our beautiful rivers and oceans. The most common ‘trashy’ item found is the cigarette but there have been some unusual ‘treasures’…a chandelier, a briefcase filled with graham crackers, and a bridal gown…fit for a mermaid I would assume !

Heal the Bay has been been organizing thisPicture 37 event for 20 years. Every state with a coastline participates… plus, over 60 nations worldwide…making it the largest cleanup day on the planet with thousands of the ‘coolest’ people on the planet…picking up thousands of tons of trash & recycle-ables…helping you the children enjoy a cleaner beach, working towards freeing the marine life from harmful and confusing items they often mistake for food. So think about what you can do and learn more by visiting Buy a tee shirt or a beautiful charm while you are at it !

Bob Stein, our partner & friend wrote a song entitled “The earth is our neighborhood”. It’s true and it’s up to each of you to do something small whenever you can to make it a prettier, safer, cleaner place for all.

Moira Brandt

Co-Founder Organically Grown Group

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